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Rubber Pet Toy Products
Product Description We have been manufacturing Pet Toy products which is rubber base
including the pet nursing related rubber base products for domestic
animals under our in house Brand "PAFIO". We also have been the OEM
for Japanese Pet Toy customer manufacturing rubber related product for
their pet animal sector. Our facilities will be able to provide any form of
product for the animal pet sector if required ranging, training toys,
grooming set and play toys.
1) Train Pet/IQ
2) Grooming
3) Chew and Gum Exercise
4) Massge
5) Play Toy
6) Pet Nursing Kit
7) Rubber Bowl
Product Category All
Product Specification Pimple Ball with Bell, Bone, Brush, Pull Strap, Fish, Flying Sourcers, Solid Ring, Shell, Tug A Toy, Nurser Kit, Cat Mouse Toys,Dental Power, Feather/Ball of Yarn, Pimple Brut, Food Lid Etc.

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