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Eco Friendly Malachite- PF Nitrile Examination Glo
Product Description Malachite glove is designed to release fewer carbon footprints compare to any other gloves
available in the market today by using the life cycle assessment approach.

We can now manage the use of energy of a product life cycle by reducing carbon footprint
every stage based on the assessment by utilizing a much amount of natural resources to
manufacture and it also drastically reduces negative impact on the environment compared to
other nitrile glove products.

Our product features an increase in tensile strength, lasting durability, resistance to harsh
chemical, requires no accelerator during the manufacturing process and most importantly, it is
environmentally friendly.

Malachite is the product that aims to advance the science of sustainability without
compromising efficiency.

This product meets the current version of ASTM D6319 and is manufactured in accordance
with a quality management systems that conforms ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and MDSAP.
Product Category Medical Gloves
Product Specification Material: Nitrile Surface finishing: Finger textured Palm width (mm): XS ( 75 +/- 5); S (85 +/- 5); M (95 +/- 5); L (105 +/- 5); XL (115 +/- 5) Length (mm): min 240mm Weight (gm): min 3.3gm Palm single wall thickness (mm): min 0.06mm Color: Green, customized colors Physical properties: a) Before Aging: min tensile strength 14 MPa, min elongation 500% b) After Aging: min tensile strength 14 MPa, min elongation 400% Residual Powder: max 2.0mg/glove

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