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36 Chemotherapy Drugs Claim Non Sterile PF Nitrile
Product Description Non Sterile Powder free Nitrile Examination Gloves- with 36 Chemotherapy drugs
claim for medical examinations and procedures to help to prevent contamination
between healthcare workers and patients. With drugs permeation test against 36
chemotherapy drugs passing breakthrough time >240 minutes, it protects healthcare
workers who exposed to chemotherapy drugs.

Our gloves comply to international standards, regulatory classifications and
recognition such as FDA 510(k) Premarket Notification Class I Patient Examination
Glove (LZA), ASTM D6319 standard specification for nitrile examination gloves for
medical application and Canada Class II Medical Device License.
Product Category Medical Gloves
Product Specification Material: Nitrile Surface finishing: Finger textured Palm width (mm): XS ( 75 +/- 5); S (85 +/- 5); M (95 +/- 5); L (105 +/- 5); XL (115 +/- 5) Length (mm): min 230mm Weight (gm): min 2.7gm Palm single wall thickness (mm): min 0.05mm Color: Blue Physical properties: a) Before Aging: min tensile strength 14 MPa, min elongation 500% b) After Aging: min tensile strength 14 MPa, min elongation 400% Residual Powder: max 2.0mg/glove

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