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Fusione Barrier One
Product Description The Latexfree & Powderfree Primary Glove

Double gloving is one of the most effective methods to reduce exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Now you have the option of wearing a latexfree and powderfree primary glove, giving you total peace of mind in terms of allergy to natural rubber latex.

Specifically designed as an primary glove, FUSIONe barrierONE provides you with a primary inner barrier of hand protection while eliminating the presence of allergy-triggering natural rubber latex proteins.

Exclusive Primary Glove
FUSIONe barrierONE™ is a latex free and powder free surgical primary glove made from the next generation of synthetics. Specifically designed to be worn as the primary glove, you can match this primary glove with any of our award-winning surgical gloves as the secondary outer glove.

Extreme safety
Users enjoy extreme safety on several fronts – double gloving for double protection, total safety from the risk of natural rubber latex allergies.

Exceptional Donnability
A unique multi-layered polymer coating ensures effortless damp or wet hand donning.
The distinctively treated Low Friction outer glove surface of FUSIONe barrierONE allows effortless double-donning yet simultaneously prevents interglove sliding.

Extraordinary Comfort
With an average thickness of 0.13 mm at the palm, absolute tactile sensitivity is assured. The ground-breaking synthetic elastomer formulation guarantees that FUSIONe barrierONE is 50% softer than any existing primary glove on the market, allowing for fatigue-free wear and a longer period between intra-ops glove changes.
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