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Borang-borang Permohonan

Borang yang berkaitan boleh dimuat turun dari senarai di bawah:

Jenis Nama
SBIM1 Incentive for Participation in MREPC-coordinated International Trade Exhibitions
SBIM2 Incentive for Companies Participating in International Trade Exhibitions
SBIM3 Incentive for MREPC-Organised Marketing Missions, Specialised Missions and Working Visits
SBIM4 Incentive for Attainment of Internationally Recognised Product Certification
SBIM5 Incentive for Acquisition of Market Intelligence Reports
SBIM6 Incentive for Quality and Productivity Improvements via the Malaysian Rubber Board's A6 Project
SBIM7 Incentive for Accreditation of Laboratories
SBIM8 Incentive for Production of Promotional Materials
SBIM9 Incentive for Participation in International Trade Exhibitions in Malaysia
SBIM10 Incentive for Website Development
SBIM11 Incentive for Attainment of Management System Certification
SBIM12 Incentive for Brand Name Registration
SBIM13 Incentive for Diploma of The Rubber & Plastic Institute of Malaysia (DPRIM)
SBIM14 Participation in Seminar / Workshop / Training in Malaysia
SBIM15 Compound Testing
SBIM16 Purchase of Essential Testing Equipment
SBIM17 Participation in MREPC-Led Umbrella Concept Exhibitions

Incentif untuk SMG Blitz

Jenis Name
SMGB5 Incentive for SMG Certification

The relevant forms may also be obtained directly from MREPC office either in-person or by writing to MREPC Secretariat, Incentives

Note: Please ensure that all completed forms, along with relevant supporting documents are submitted to MREPC not later than two (2) months after completion of the activity.

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Borang-borang Permohonan
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